RWBY review v4e6: Tipping Point

Hello and welcome to another RWBY review. Today is a review of “Tipping Point”

First the story since we have a bit of it to go through. the first segment is RNJR finding an abandoned village in construction called Oniyuri. Oniyuri was a city made by the discontent wealthy of Mistral that was destroyed by Grimm before completion. Based on one of Ren’s statements, his parents may have been involved and killed. Ren’s delivery of the Oniyuri situation is mixed in my opinion. On the one hand, we do have a scene focused on the hands tightening that expresses pain and anger. On the other hand, the voice delivery is flat. While I understand Ren is the stoic one, his voice remaining the same dulls the impact of the delivery.

Next, and a lot more substantial in content, is the charity event in Atlas with Weiss singing. The song’s lyrics do express Weiss’s hate of the family dynamics with her wanting to break free of her father’s grip. The concept of the song is solid and develops Weiss in a way that fits her character. Sadly, on an audio level, the song does fail a bit more. the high notes feels shaky like the vocalist is having issues hitting them.

After the song, we get a reception. Some revealing moments happen. First is Weiss trying to get away from her father when talking and him trying to keep her in place. It’s symbolic of control but it is heavy handed. However, since the family dynamics have only really been implied up until episode 1 of volume 4, this sort of works. Next is Weiss talking to a guy named Henry about the event. Henry is written to be an ignorant elite with him thinking the event is nothing but “another Mantle fundraiser” when it’s actually for Vale. Weiss shows clear anger at his ignorance and forcefully asks him to leave. This scene bleeds over into another scene where Weiss snaps out at the crowd for being ignorant of the world after hearing someone say that it was inevitable for Vale to fall. On one hand, I feel that the scene’s impact is dulled since we don’t hear the conversations that Weiss is talking about clearly, instead, it’s delivered as background noice. It would have been better for Weiss to shift attention between conversations to better make the point hit home. On the other hand, the scene is still powerful and does show some growth from Weiss as someone who now protects people. this is further supplemented by Ironwood and Jacques’s reactions with Jacque seeing Weiss as embarrassing the family, demonstrating his focus on status, and Ironwood seeing Weiss as the only sane person in the room, demonstrating his distaste of normal Atlas society.

The last section of the show is a fight between RNJR and Tyrian with Qrow showing up at the last second. Tyrian’s style of combat is interesting to watch. He’s a loose fighter with no real adherence to stance but instead flowing between positions. He also is shown to be a scorpion faunus with him using the tail for unorthodox strikes and angles; though one question i have is how is he hiding the tail as the coat is flat on the back and not sticking out a bit if the tail is coiled up. It fits Tyrian’s supposed design principle of insanity. The presentation of the fight is a bit lacking however. Impact sounds are too soft to fully convey the power of the hit. In addition, there are some axis shifts during the fight which do cause some sense of lost geometry within the scene. At points, there are also a lack of transitions sense to convey movement that further contribute to lost geometry. On a more positive side, there is better use of slow motion to convey hits and Ruby using the electric bullet was a nice touch.

In the end, the episode does have substantial character development but there are a few nagging issues with the fight that make it a bit subpar

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