Yuri on Ice First Impressions

Well, I’m back to reviewing and to kick things off, I will be giving my impressions for the first episode of the Saya Yamamoto original anime, “Yuri on Ice”.

The first thing you will notice is the animation, it’s utterly amazing. This first episode spends a lot of time and money on the ice skating segments and you can see both the motions of the spins and flips, the contours of the body during the movements and the level of skill of the individuals. In addition, the show uses exaggeration to good effect, first at the start with heavy shading and colors to express pain and later on with more chibi and energetic faces to generate a lighthearted tone that feels at place for when we are at home.

The characters contribute to the show. Yuri Katsuki, the main lead, is a very relatable person; there are internal monologues that communicate his emotions and feelings of doubt. His joys and his pains are real to the audience and you feel for the guy.

It should be noted that the show has a homoerotic edge to it so if that’s an issue, the show may not be for you. For everyone else, Yuri on Ice is both an emotional and technical hit that will make you want to see more

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