Drifters First Impressions

Hello and welcome to another first impressions. This time, I will be looking at Drifters, an adaption of a manga by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano, and directed by the guy behind the first three seasons of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Kenichi Suzuki.

The first thing you will notice with this game is the art style. It’s reminiscent of Hellsing with heavy lining and shading and either very dark grim lighting or very bright high contrast lighting. This translates well for the fight scenes which have the characteristics of Suzuki’s style of heavy zoom, dramatic framing and slow motions but fails for the more comedic bits that shift to more traditional faces and lining, breaking immersion. The comedy itself does have some fun spots for people who know a bit of Sengoku Japanese histroy but can be jarring when the scene shifts art style.

As for animation, I was told that there was 3d animation but if there is, i can’t really see it clearly as there is a limited color palette in the show that helps hide it. The animation itself is complex with a lot of detail on screen that add depth

Plotwise, think if Fate was written by Hirano; a warrior from the past, Shimazu Toyohisa is first fighting at the Battle of Sekigahara where he meets his end. However, he is transported to a realm where he meets two other dead Japanese warriors. The plot itself is just a way to have fights between historic figures later on so if you are looking for complex plots, i’m not sure this is the place.

As for the fights themselves, Toyohisa’s brash and direct combat style leads to an interesting fight in the first portion of the show as the directing helps exemplify his bloodthirsty nature and aggression. It should be noted though that this is Hellsing’s writer so expect a lot of ultraviolence.

Something to note is that there seems to be flickering during the Crunchyroll video during the second half that may be distracting

In general, the show does have some good ultra violent action and amusing comedic scenes but I don’t think it will be a big impactful piece, just some good entertainment

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